Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Butter Bean Burgers

These are nice. They're not hamburgers. If you give one to a meat eater and say, "Here, have this fake hamburger," you will face disappointment. The person will think, "On the scale of 'hamburgerness,' these don't measure up at all."

Well, no! On a scale of hamburgerness, the hamburger is always going to win. This is something different. It would be nice in a sandwich. You could add red onion and tomato and veggie mayo.

(Vegenaise is my favorite veggie mayo. But it's very expensive. You can make a decent version at home; it's pretty easy. My advice for this mayo recipe: use sugar instead of maple syrup!)

For something vegan that tastes more hamburger-like, I like Gardein burgers (in the frozen section, near the other organic things and/or veggie "meats" like Morningstar). They're expensive, but good. Boca vegan burgers are also pretty good.

But if you just want a tasty, healthy sandwich, try these. From happyveganface!

Butter Bean Burgers

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