Favorite Recipe Sites

A few of my favorite recipe sites:

101 Cookbooks

love this cooking blog. Not all the recipes are vegan, but many are. 

They're deceptively simple. They often feature only a handful of unexceptional sounding ingredients, that, when combined, somehow create magic. Many also have a very short cooking time. That's my kind of recipe!

Chocolate Covered Katie

It's called "The Healthy Dessert Blog," and it also happens to be vegan.

It has desserts so healthy that you could conceivably eat them for breakfast or lunch. Conceivably without even cooking them first, if you were the kind of person who liked to eat cookie dough and cake batter.

Oh She Glows

Not only lots of great vegan recipes, but many are also gluten-free!

Olives for Dinner

Yummy vegan recipes designed to satisfy the author's meat-and-potatoes husband

Post Punk Kitchen

Classic. These guys have been around since 2003, and they are great

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