This blog is really just a collection of things I like to make for dinner. I started it as a way of sharing recipes, mine and others', with a great group of people on a now-defunct mailing list called The Ethics of Meat. (Archives here if you're interested.)

By now this is basically just a collection of things I like to make for dinner. I noticed my favorites have some qualities in common: They tend to be inexpensive, fast, and almost impossible to mess up. If they weren't, I would probably mess them up--I'm kind of an impressionistic and scatterbrained cook.

Most of these recipes are also nutritious, full of protein and good enough for company. I love one-pot meals, with tons of vegetables included in the entree, so there are lots of those too.

I hear some common worries from people interested in trying vegan meals: they won't get enough protein; it will be expensive; it will require exotic ingredients they can't find in their usual grocery store. These recipes should put those fears to rest. 

I'm somebody who likes a lot of protein, so most of these recipes are loaded with beans, peas, lentils and nuts. There are also some that use tofu, seitan and tempeh, but if you're not a fan of those things or can't find them where you shop, there's still plenty to choose from. 

Here's some actual nutrition information, with sources and further reading: Vegan Diets: Sorting Through Nutritional Myths from the excellent website Free From Harm.

When you look at these recipes you'll see how cheap and basic most of the ingredients are. If you're really on a tight budget, check out my post A Week of Meals for $29.78

I hope you enjoy these!

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