Thursday, August 29, 2013

Very Simple Salsa

This is from the post A Week of Meals for $29.78, in which I used Corey Booker's food stamp budget to plan a week of meals that would have adequate calories, fruits and vegetables, and protein for a large, active man like Booker--and be vegan!

It was not easy, and would have been impossible without access to a computer and hours to calculate and plan. But I did it, and if you're ever in a budget crunch it can serve as a guide to a week of very inexpensive vegan meals.

Simple Salsa

1 minced hot green pepper, to taste

1 small clove garlic, minced (scant 1 t)
1 T chopped onion
2 t oil
1 t vinegar 
a couple of diced tomatoes, or 14 oz canned if necessary
salt to taste   

Strain the chopped tomatoes over a bowl to save the liquid. Put the drained tomatoes in a bowl, and mix in everything else. [If you have red wine vinegar, use that instead of plain.] Then add back some of the liquid until you get the consistency you like. Refrigerate before eating if possible. You can make it the night or morning before you eat it.

Southern Tunisian Gardens, Paul Klee, 1919

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