Monday, September 2, 2013

Taco Night!

This is hardly a recipe, but in keeping with this blog's aim to help new vegans and anyone looking for very easy meal ideas, I offer the latest kid-friendly family favorite:


package of taco shells (or if you want to make burritos instead, large flour tortillas)
a can or two of refried beans*
lettuce chopped small or shredded (I like Romano because it stays crispy)
hot sauce
a few tomatoes, chopped

*Instead of refried beans you can warm a couple of T olive oil, sautee some sliced garlic cloves in it, add a can or two of drained, rinsed beans, and cook for ten minutes or so.

guacamole or chopped avocado (sprinkled with lime juice and salt if you like)
cooked brown rice
cooked corn
chopped green onion
chopped green chile peppers
chopped bell pepper
sliced jalapenos
. . . and anything else you like

Set everything out on the table, and let everyone make tacos.

That's it!

Full Moon, Paul Klee, 1919

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